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3rd Dec – Vitae Plant Naturals – Open Naturals Pro


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The Full Tanning Package Includes –

OVERNIGHT BASE COAT – Day before the event (one or two coats depending on skin tone)

TOP COAT – Backstage at event

GLAZE – Before stage and backstage support all day (Bikini glued etc)


The Top Coat ONLY Package Includes –

TOP COAT – Backstage at event ONLY

GLAZE – Before stage and backstage support all day (Bikini glued etc)

When booking this option, you MUST have applied your own base coat the day before – we recommend Pro Tan Overnight Base Colour. 



Skin preparation is a vital step in the competition tanning process. For optimal results, follow the skin preparation instructions on our ADVICE page.

Appointment details will be sent out by email ONE week before your competition day. 

You will need to be available for tanning the day before the event for the BASE COAT of tan, please ensure you have the day clear so you can be there at your given time slot.   This will take place at a venue near or at the competition venue.


The £20 fee towards your glaze/backstage support and the £5 tanning fee that you have paid at registration on 2BrosPro website has been taken into account already.


*Cancellation Policy* 

Bookings can only be transferred or refunded in 2022 if 2 weeks notice before the show day is given.