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Questions you may have...

How does a competition tan differ from a regular spray tan?

A competition tan is much more complex than a regular spray tan.

Competition tanning solution is a specialised product that is much different from the type of tanning solutions that are regularly used in tanning salons. You absolutely must use a tanning solution which is intended for bodybuilding/fitness competitions. Using any other type of solution will not produce a final colour that is dark enough under the bright stage lighting.

I have sensitive skin. Could I have an allergic reaction?

There is no particular reason why you will and you will need to complete our booking form with questions on before you are tanned.

How do I prepare for a competition tan?

It is extremely important to follow the skin prep instructions given to you on booking.

Only you have control over the condition of your skin when you arrive for you tan. If you have not carefully followed your skin prep instructions there are a number of problems that can arise with your tan. The most common problems that occur as a result of improper skin prep are dark blotches, tan turning green, leaving marks on the tan.

Be careful of using sun beds in advance of a competition – if you burn and your skin starts to peel we cannot ‘fix’ this and the tan will not come out well – sun beds and getting darker before a competition is not necessary with the right competition tanning products.

How many tans are required pre-competition?

The number of tans doesn’t matter.  Some people think they have to have five coats prior to a show, which isn’t necessarily true.  Each tanning product company has their own process.

Will my spray tan get on my clothes and sheets when I sleep?

Yes, your tan can rub off onto clothing, sheets, towels and other surfaces. You should wear loose, dark clothing after your tan has been applied.  If you are staying at a hotel, it is best to bring your own sheets and towels to use to avoid extra cleaning charges from hotel.  It will usually wash out of your clothing without staining.

Do I have to tan naked?

For women to achieve the most even tan with no visible tan lines, it is best to tan nude. However, if you are uncomfortable tanning nude your tan can be applied while wearing underwear but it is important to know that some tan lines may be visible.

For men, dependent on the federation requirements you can often tan in underwear that will be smaller than your stage trunks/shorts.

How long can I expect the tan to stay on after the show?

Expect it to last a while..  Competition tans don’t always fade evenly so be sure to moisturise with a product that does NOT contain alcohol or mineral oil and when the tan starts to fade to exfoliate regularly and moisturise, moisturise, moisturise!