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Prepare yourselves…

Here are some of our recommended essentials

Tough Stuff - Pre Tan Body Scrub

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Hair Away - Total Body Hair Removal

Hair Away

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Get Bronzed Ladies Backstage Robe

Get Bronzed Ladies Robe

Competition Tanning Preparation & Aftercare

Leading up to the Tan Day –

At least a week before your show start exfoliating your skin regularly (don’t forget to scrub your back!) to refine the texture of your skin – Using exfoliating gloves and a shop bought ph balanced scrub will do (or Cocoa Brown Tough Stuff)
Moisturise your skin thoroughly immediately after exfoliating every day to 
nourish the skin and help get a smooth even colour. Hair removal creams or waxing should be done at least a week before the competition, any regrowth can be shaved the day before the tan. If you’ve never used these methods before DO NOT start just before your show – do a test!
Any shaving should be done at least the day before the tan
Men and Women – Apply clear nail varnish to fingernails and toenails to prevent 
the tan staining nails. Tan will not stain nail varnish.

Tanning Day

You can shower, using only water and a oil free shower gel (like Sanex 0%) and a gentle exfoliation using exfoliating gloves – DO NOT moisturise, use deodorant, perfume or put any product at all on your skin before your tan.

Wear/bring loose, dark, lightweight old clothing (NO red clothing as this can turn the tan green) – Drawstring bottoms with no elastic waistband and clothes a couple of sizes too big is best – Wear flip flops – It is advisable to remove contact lenses before the tanning – Remove all jewellery – DO NOT shower or rinse off the tan till after the competition

When being tanned its best to wear as little as possible to avoid any tan lines;
FEMALES – You are best to tan nude to avoid any lines
MALES – Males we provide a sock for coverage.


Avoid exercise, perspiring and DO NOT get tanned skin wet (no showers till after the comp!)
DO NOT use oils, deodorant or any other products over your tan
Wear the loose dark clothing at all times – including for sleeping – Put socks over your hands for sleeping to avoid handprints!
Wear flip flops as your only footwear till you get on stage.

Be prepared for your tan to last for several days after your competition as it gradually fades.

Moisturise regularly.
Exfoliate gently after a few days to encourage even fading – when you’re ready to remove your tan you can use the Cocoa Brown Tough Stuff.