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Frequently Asked Questions

So, hopefully you’ll have seen our first Blog all about the preparations and aftercare for your competition tanning.  It’s a lot to take in so we decided to create this blog for all those other frequently asked questions we get! If there are any other question you have after reading them both then don’t worry – please just email to ask, its better to ask and get it right than worry.


How can I get the tan off after the competition?

Be prepared for your tan to last for several days after your competition as it gradually fades.  After the first shower after the competition the tan solution itself which holds a lot of bronzers will all be washed away, and you’ll be left with a lovely dark holiday glow.   To maintain your tan, try not to scrub at your skin and avoid swimming, saunas etc and keep your skin hydrated with lots of moisturiser.  Your tan will start to break down after 5-7 days and at this point you may want to remove it – exfoliate gently and start using a tan remover product to gradually get your tan off.


Why can’t I go to a salon on the high street for my competiton tan?

Your tan is one of the most important aspects of your appearance on stage – you’ll have worked incredibly hard and spent a fortune on your prep for the competition, so we do understand that paying for a competition tan seems like something yet another cost.  But it’s not something you can cut corners on.

Competition tanning solution is a specialized product containing bronzers not found in the type of tanning solutions that are regularly used in tanning salons. You absolutely must use a tanning solution which is intended for bodybuilding/fitness competitions – using any other type of solution will not produce a final colour that is dark enough under the bright stage lighting.  A tan brings out your muscle definition and will be approved by the federation you are competing with as their chosen tan colour.  Even dark skins need to be getting a tan for a competition, so you avoid looking dull under the lighting.

Get Bronzed, and any official competition tanner, is involved in the industry and aware of the different federations preferences and also how the tanning for each category can differ.  If you book in with the official tanners for the competition you are doing you will also have the peace of mind that they’ll be there with you backstage to help fix any marks and do your glaze before stage.  Even if you think you won’t make any marks there’s always a first time!


Should I use sun beds in the lead up to my competition?

We don’t recommend anyone uses sunbeds before a competition as the stage tans used will be dark enough for any skin tone – you may just need more coats of tan than others if you are particularly pale to start with.  One problem with using sun beds close to the competition day is if you burn and your skin starts to peel we cannot ‘fix’ this and the tan will not sit evenly on your skin.
However, if you know you are very pale and have not felt dark enough at a competition before then there is no problem in getting a base spray tan – or manually tanning yourself – a couple of days before your competition.  You could get a dark salon tan, manual tan or use Pro Tan Base Coat Overnight Colour.  Then make sure the solution itself is showered off and you’ll be left with a base colour before seeing the tanners at the competition.  Don’t turn up to the tanning appointment with the solution still on from another tan as it may react with the tan solution being used so always make sure to shower it off with just water!

What are the biggest mistakes competitiors make with skin prep?

We sometimes have people who come for their tan with deodorant still on, as soon as the underarm area is tanned the tan will turn green if it reacts with deodorant.  Its best to make sure it removed and even maybe not to wear deodorant for a day or so before or ensure you scrub carefully so any residue is removed before tanning.  People worry about smelling but everyone is in the same boat so please don’t worry!

Some people don’t remove hair from all over the body, this isn’t a massive problem, but the tan does sit much smoother and appear more of a ‘clean’ finish if the hair has been moved from everywhere on the body.

Please make sure you’ve read our first Blog for full prep advice.

How many tans are required pre-competition?

There is no definite answer to this as every tan product and skin tone will have a different answer.  Put your trust in the official tanners for the show you are competing at as they will know their products inside out and also know the look and tan that the federation prefers.  Some people think they must have numerous coats of tan prior to a show, which isn’t necessarily true.  Each tanning product has its own process which will be followed.  We always prefer to tan people the day before the show to get the best tanning results and then do any touch ups or a top coat on the competition day.

Will my spray tan get on my clothes and sheets when I sleep?

Yes, your tan can rub off onto clothing, sheets, towels and other surfaces. You should wear loose, dark clothing after your tan has been applied.  If you are staying at a hotel, it is best to bring your own sheets and towels to use to avoid extra cleaning charges from hotel – you can buy those and specialised post tanning clothing from Kompak website.  It will usually wash out of your clothing without staining.

Is it possible to tan myself/get a friend to tan me for my competiton?

Yes this is possible and with practise and patience can be done!  Some tanning companies sell packs already put together for you to use for your competiton tan – like Pro Tan Tanning Kit’s.  You will need to follow the instructions of the tanning product and make sure someone is always there  to help you tan your back and other hard to reach areas!

Sometimes the cost of the competiton tan can seem a lot but we can provide an easy, stress free service without any worries and we will be there backstage to help so its sometimes worth thinking about investing in.


Any other last little tips?

‘Dry brush’ your teeth so there is no worries of water going near your tan!

Drink though a straw 🙂

Don’t put any perfume on your skin as it can make the tan break down – apply carefully to your hair if needed!


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